System dynamics is a way of thinking and doing things from a holistic approach. As part of contextualising the problem of mainstreaming gender in poor urban environments, GENS Team published a journal paper using the system dynamics method, led by our former GENS postdoctoral fellow, Dr Benjamin Batinge and co-authored by Prof Josephine Musango, Dr Fabrizio Ceschin, Dr Amollo Ambole, Dr Suzanne Smit and Dr Aine Petrulaityte.


The study showed that taking a gender gender-sensitive and user-centric approach to energy innovation and solutions for household energy services can improve social acceptability. Further, it can improve the suitability of solutions in specific contexts and fulfil the households’ energy services in poor urban areas.


Gender-sensitive and user-centric solutions may also lead to a decline in the total poor urban population, which we defined based on income level because energy service fulfilment could impact the overall income through energy service-driven entrepreneurship.


Well done, GENS Team!