Curious. Enthusiastic. Passionate. Driven.

GENS Trilateral Chair researchers are all that and much more…


Prof Josephine Kaviti Musango, Trilateral Research Chair holder: Stellenbosch University, South Africa

As the GENS Trilateral Chair holder, I am fulfilled in undertaking cutting edge research in African cities, building capacity of systems thinkers through system dynamics, and mentoring young researchers in becoming excellent researchers and leaders of the 21st century. GENS provides a unique space and experiences for researchers to thrive and to find meaning in the research they undertake.

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Dr Fabrizio Ceschin, Principal Investigator: Trilateral Research Chair, Brunel University London, UK

I am a Senior Lecturer in Design with expertise in design for sustainability, circular economy and co-design. In the GENS programme I coordinate the process of co-designing social and technology innovations for urban poor women energy needs as well as exploring and fostering commercialisation opportunities.
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Dr Amollo Ambole, Principal Investigator: Trilateral Research Chair, University of Nairobi, Kenya

I am a design researcher and I am passionate about sustainability issues. I have a background in product design and experience in development research. This has allowed me to facilitate co-design processes geared towards sustainability in African cities. I have done this by engaging multiple stakeholders and integrating their diverse ways of knowing and doing.

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Suzanne Smit

Dr Suzanne Smit, GENS Researcher: Stellenbosch University

As a GENS researcher, I am committed to work that has both meaning and impact. I am not only a researcher but I also strive to give fair representation and voice to those who would otherwise be ignored, through the research I undertake.


Dr Benjamin Batinge, GENS Post-doctoral Fellow: Stellenbosch University

I have always desired to undertake research to provide solutions to some of the complex problems experienced globally, and particularly in Africa. I also have deep passion for research that informs policy by engaging key stakeholders in the investigation process. GENS offers the platform to pursue these ambitions, and to contribute towards promoting development across the Africa and beyond.


Dr Aine Petrulaityte, GENS Research Fellow: Brunel University London, UK

With a background in product design and research experience in sustainable design practices, I am passionate about engaging with various stakeholders, listening to their needs, and, co-creatively, designing more sustainable solutions. In the GENS programme I focus on carrying out ethnographic research, facilitating co-design of gendered energy innovations and exploring commercialisation opportunities of newly developed gendered energy solutions.

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Dr Matia Mukama, GENS Postdoctoral Fellow: Stellebosch University

As a researcher and science communicator, I am passionate about practical research and engagements that benefit everyday lives in a clear and understandable way. With GENS, my focus is on the design and development the GENS Living Labs to support gendered energy technology innovations in poor urban environments.

Stellenbosch University Students

Christer Anditi, Prospective PhD Researcher
Adelia Chicombo, PhD Researcher
Yumna Parker, Masters Researcher, Sustainable Development
Lelani Oosthuizen, Masters Researcher, Industrial Engineering
Stefani van der Merwe, Masters Researcher, Industrial Engineering
Sanelisiwe Mlaba, PgDip Environmental Management
Sphokazi Mbata, PGDip Environmental Management

University of Nairobi Students

Peris Njoroge, Prospective PhD Researcher
Douglas Logedi, Prospective Masters Researcher


And the team is still multiplying…