The purpose, approach and principles of the GENS Trilateral Chair

Purpose of the GENS Trilateral Chair

To thrive in collaborative discovery and provide quality, evidence-based research on gendered innovations and energy commercialisation energy opportunities in African urban poor environments, that is of policy relevance and societal impact

The GENS Trilateral Chair directly contributes to national and international policy priorities of:

  • Enhancing partnerships to create a better South Africa, Africa and World;
  • National priorities of the three collaborating countries – South Africa, Kenya and the UK
  • African Union Agenda 2063
  • Agenda 2030 of the United Nations, specifically, SDG5 on gender equality, SDG7 on affordable and clean, SDG10 on reduced inequalities, SDG11 on sustainable cities and communities, and SDG17 on partnerships to achieve the goal
  • Five-priority areas for the South Africa’s economic activity as stipulated in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Economic Stimulus and Recovery plan

GENS Trilateral Chair Approach

The GENS Trilateral Chair research is inter- and transdisciplinary in nature and requires engagement of diverse disciplines, including: gendered innovation, urban metabolism, societal metabolism, design thinking, human centred design, collaborative design, technology innovation, alternative and renewable energy technologies, urban planning, political ecology, Geographic Information System (GIS), systems thinking and system dynamics.

Further, the GENS Trilateral Chair requires working closely with relevant policy makers at multiple levels (international, national, provincial and city level), with society (community members, non-governmental organisations), industry and business.


Key principles

  • Co-funding elevates Thriving
  • Co-Designing improves Accuracy & Validity
  • Co-Researching increases Participation & Ownership
  • Co-Learning ensures Societal Impact & Relevance
  • Research in collaboration with community improves Research Rigor and Policy Impact
  • Collaboration with Passion, Commitment & Integrity flourishes research to the next level

Core Values