On November 27, 2019, the GENS team from University of Nairobi and Stellenbosch University jointly gave a presentation to a group of 23 students drawn from different fields under the Institute of Climate Change and Adaptation (ICCA) at University of Nairobi. The team constituted of Dr Amollo Ambole, Prof Josephine Musango, Dr Benjamin Batinge, Christer Anditi, Douglas Logedi and Peris Njoroge.

The presentation was engaging and showcased the transdisciplinary teamwork and synergy within the team. The energy shown by every member of the team and mastery of the subject was admirable. For a little over an hour, the team presented and engaged the students in a Q&A session for a further half an hour. The questions from the students showed a deep interest in the following areas:

(i) The application of the GENS Trilateral Research to a real Kenyan low-income nuclear or extended family.

(ii) How the GENS Living Lab will look like, how it will work, how stakeholders will be engaged and  how it will be designed.

(iii) Practical energy solutions where focus is placed on both physical and economic access to energy as well as energy mobility.

(iv) The potential of involving the students from a sustainable point of view as part of the project team.

This was certainly a session to look forward to and a good vibrant audience to bounce ideas off of.

Photo: GENS Team presenting to Masters and PhD candidates at ICCA, University of  Nairobi.