GENS Team congratulates Dr Amollo Ambole, Principal Investigator: GENS Trilateral at University of Nairobi, for her appointment as Extraordinary Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Leadership (SPL), Stellenbosch University.

As alumni of SPL, Dr Ambole was actively involved with the SPL since 2014, as a Doctoral researcher. Post her completion of studies in 2016, she has engaged with SPL in internationally recognised collaborative research.  “I am truly honoured to be an Extraordinary Senior Lecturer of my alma mater. This appointment will also be a boon to the GENS Trilateral Chair” says Dr Ambole!

Dr Ambole will be involved in among other things, co-supervision of Masters and Doctoral students registered in SPL, who are using the Kenyan case study in the GENS Trilateral Research.